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The best rides

The best rides always come from limousines. 

They make you feel like you are on top of the world. With there flashy elegance and luxurious interiors, who would not want to ride in one.

The other day I had the experience of a life time. I was picked up by a friendly driver that then made his way to pick up all of my friends.

We took the white lime around town and had a little bit to drink. Fortunately none of us had to drive because we had limo service and we were safe to drink.

The limo had even more drinks inside, but thankfully no one drank more than they could handle. If you throw up in a limo they can charge you a lot of money.

If you want the same experience I had Click for SITE HERE. I highly recommend this limousine service to all my friends.

We had a blast and everyone made it home safe.

Thank you life! I am truly blessed.


What is Love

What is Love?

Love is hard to define because it’s more than just one feeling. Love is the every single emotion wrapped up in one. I have thought that I was in love before, and I think I was in the sense of loving a good friend. However, I finally understand what Love feels like. I have never met anyone like my bf before. He is truly the definition of someone unique, special, and different. Since the first moments we talked over chat and the first moment we locked eyes at the club the attraction was different. It felt as if no one else was in the room and a magnet was pulling us together. The best part of the attraction is that it was two sided. This attraction no only pulled me, but (so he says) pulled him too and I believe him. I believe him because of how he treats me. He treats with a respect of a queen, his queen.

He makes sure that I am happy and tries to figure out why I am upset. He thinks about me when he makes plans as do I about him. I never get tired of hanging out with him unless he is being really annoying, but still then I do not want to go home. I want to stay in his arms and keep talking or just sit and relax. He has opened my eyes to spiritual meanings and has enlightened me in religious beliefs.

He introduces me to his family and friends ensure that I feel a part of his life and showing me that I am a priority.  Love also means a lot of compromise. You have to communicate a lot to figure out what is best for both parties and what one may have to sacrifice in order to keep the peace or just to make the other person happy. It is a lot of work, as I have learned. I have been use to my whole life walking away from people who truly love me thinking that I was better and that I did not care. I was wrong those times. If you truly love someone you fight even at the worst time. Even when you have fought long and hard and still think that you are right in an argument you have to stick it through if you love that person.

You have to understand that it could be worse than that of which whatever you are arguing about. Love is anger, love is sad, love is shy, love is laughter, love is joy, love is happy, love is heartache, love is spontaneous, and overall love is love.




wake up

9 mistakes women make in relationships

Everyone makes mistakes but here are the most common ways some women mess up some good relationships.

There is some truth to break ups. Break ups usually tend to fall in the same categories. Now it’s not always the woman’s fault for break ups because men can mess up to. However, these are the ways that women make mistakes and they’re very different than men’s.

The good news is that all a lot of our issues can be avoided and fixed if you are more aware of the differences between how men and women work.

1: Do you chase after men who treat you poorly and you only want the more?

This means that you do not know your value and you are attracted to all the unavailable guys. You are frayed to ask for what you want and you expect that one day it will magically change. You probably have two fears that you won’t be loved, and that you are not enough. One truth is that no man will really respect the woman if she allows him to run all over her. If this hurts you I’m sorry but you need to know the truth even if it makes you angry. If you want the love that you truly deserve you need to know your value.

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Good Will

Good will hunting is a movie about a boy who grew up and orphan. 

He grew up with foster parents that beat him up consistently. He grew up not understanding what love truly is and not ever have any special bond with somebody.

He also grew up a very intelligent boy and was very Smart at math. He was working as a janitor at Harvard but he had not taken any college prior to working .

While on one of the shifts he looks at one of the chalkboards with a very difficult math problem a professor had put up. The professor told his recent class that it took him two years to figure out this math problem. He would get credit to a student who was able to figure out the problem by the end of the semester. The professor found that somebody had completed the problem on the chalkboard.

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Dodo birds aren’t stupid

You ever heard of the bird dodos?

There in the movie ice age.  In the movie they make the birds seem pretty dumb and stupid, but in fact dodos were not so dumb after all.

The dodo bird is an extinct flightless bird his name has become in sync with the word stupidity. It turns out that the dodo was no birdbrain but actually very smart bird.

Scientist said they figured out the dodo’s brain size and structure based on the analysis of a well preserved skull from a museum. They found that their brain was actually really big and proportionate to its body size.

They also found that they had a better sense of smell than most birds and this trait is an usual for birds. Research suggests that the dodo boasted at least the same intelligence as fellow members of the pigeon and dove family.

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